Eastwood Hydraulic Metal Tubing Bender and Tube Forming Tool

This is one of the best values on the market as a complete kit! Solid construction and reliable 8 ton hydraulic cylinder provide safe and accurate bends.Steel “Cage” Type Frame
Offers secure usage while also focusing the bending force into the dies.8 Ton Jack
effortlessly bends steel tubing with wall thickness up to 0.090″Quick Change Dies
allow you to work with multiple tubing diameters; dies change in minutes saving time and offering the flexibility to use one machine for various tubing sizesBends Up to 90 Degree Angles
Bends up to 90 degrees in small 0.75″ and 1.0″ diameter tubing and up to 60 degrees in larger tubing.While not all tube diameters and wall thickness can be bent a full 90 degrees, the machine will accurately bend 45 degrees pieces, which can easily be MIG/TIG welded to form 90 degree pieces.Perfect For Fabricating Roll cages Tube chassis Custom cross members Transmission mounts General shop projectsHydraulic tube forming machine bends steel and chromol